About us

Our history

Etnatherm is a leading provider of innovative heating solutions that combine unique traditional heating products from Germany. We combine the traditional elegance of coal use with modern design to offer you a unique heating experience.

Our products

About our products

Etnatherm products are designed so that you can get started quickly. With the “ready to use” function, our products are ready for use within 5 minutes. The charcoal size, i.e. the size of the charcoal, ensures that it burns evenly for at least 1 hour. With an internal temperature range of 800°-1000°, it perfectly regulates the temperature of your environment.

Our products can also burn a large amount of charcoal with a maximum capacity of 2 kg and effectively absorb the smoke. The simple and user-friendly control panel ensures that the appliance can be easily operated by anyone. The digital timer and outdoor temperature control also make it easy to personalize the appliance. Etnatherm products are also outstanding when it comes to safety: energy only flows when the door is closed.

We pride ourselves on providing you with an outstanding heating experience. Etnatherm continues to offer innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for your heating needs.

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