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Since 2019, EtnaTherm has made it its mission to improve the production
of coal furnaces and revolutionize their process




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Etna Therm

Since 2019, EtnaTherm has made it its mission to revolutionize the manufacture of coal stoves and their process. In addition to a minimal ecological footprint, we prioritize continuous improvement of thermal insulation and optimal automation of coal igniters. Ensuring the high quality of our products is as important to us as creating an unparalleled customer experience.

Etna Therm


EtnaTherm is a programmable charcoal heater for natural shisha charcoal and is ideal for getting natural charcoal glowing within minutes.





What is Etna Therm?

This coal furnace is heated only electrically. This is not a standard commercial oven

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By far the most qualitative stove for the hookah coal. The product heats the natural charcoal within minutes, odorless and energy saving. The integrated timer makes our work even easier, so you don’t have to worry about whether the oven is on or off.
Absolutely recommended!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

RockstarLounge, AU and SG
Customers get their shisha quickly and the coal change is also very fast. The coal does not get smaller in the oven, but keeps the same size for up to 3 hours. Provided it is quality coal.

The coals are on in 2-3 minutes and ready for immediate use. It has been the best investment for my shisha bar so far. We are very grateful to the Etnatherm company, as they provide a better solution for coal stoves.
LLounge Cocktail Shisha Bar | 86899 Landsberg am Lech

This oven was the BEST investment our bar has made! We never thought it would bring us so many benefits. We save more than 50% on coal and it’s an immense labor saver. The charcoal stays fresh forever, so you always have fresh charcoal. The fume hood also improves the climate in the room and makes working very pleasant! We are incredibly satisfied and can highly recommend this oven to anyone!

Heidenheim, Kiva Lounge

Frequently asked questions

How many kilograms of coal fit into the combustion chamber?

1.5kg will fit in the firing chamber, but 1kg is recommended

Does Etnatherm have CE certification?

Yes - TÜV SÜD and TÜV Austria. Further details on our certificates can be found here.

How long do EtnaTherm furnaces take to complete a heating cycle?

1 kg of coal is ready in about 5-7 minutes. The coal combustion rate can vary depending on the
- Coal quality,
- Oven temperature,
- Use of cast iron grate

How long is the delivery time?

How does the maintenance of an EtnaTherm product work?

We recommend an annual service visit to our customers so that we can ensure long-term functionality of our products.The cleaning instructions in the operating manual must be followed.

Does an EtnaTherm furnace need a vent shaft or a chimney?

Just like other common furnaces, an Ethnatherm furnace needs a vent shaft or chimney. Further information can be found here.